Who can facilitate an OMG Group?

Many people think that to facilitate an OMG you are required to be a business mentor or, have been in business a long time with a track record of proven business acumen. Actually this is not the case at all. That doesn't mean however that just anyone can do it either.

Below are some guidelines of the typical characteristics of an OMG facilitator, what a facilitator is expected to do, and some of the very many benefits of being involved in the OMG Programme.

What are the characteristics of an OMG Facilitator?

  • A giver, abundance rather than scarcity thinking
  • likes to see the success of others
  • enjoys working with groups
  • wants to develop leadership skills
  • someone who has run their own business
  • facilitated before or, a desire to facilitate
  • quick thinker
  • assertive but not overly authoritative
  • able to work with G+ Hangouts-on-Air
  • a good understanding of the Link4Growth infrastructure and services available

What is an OMG Facilitator expected to do?

  • Facilitate the event
  • Manage the event to time
  • Ensure everyone has an equal opportunity to participate
  • Make sure that each person is getting real value
  • Ensure that people are moving forward with their plans
  • Grow the OMG to the maximum of 6 people
  • Moderate the G+ Community for the OMG

What are the benefits of facilitating a group?

  • Personal development through facilitation
  • Demonstrate your own expertise
  • Raise your profile by leading an OMG
  • Learn from those in the room
  • Expand your own connections via trusted members
  • Business through the OMG network
  • Be part of the OMG Leaders Network
  • Earn a regular income stream from 3 hours facilitation per month


For online mentoring groups

Facilitators need access to high quality broadband with at least 5mb upload speeds, a good quality camera (web cam), microphone and good lighting. (Or access to an environment like this)

For either Online or Offline groups

Facilitators are encouraged to have attended the Link4Skills OMG facilitator workshop which teaches all the basics of being an OMG facilitator and using the technology for your group.

To get a good understanding of Link4Growth, it is recommended that facilitators have read the book 'Link4Growth ~ What if we knew you?'