Starting up an L4G-OMG

So we've covered what are Online Mentoring groups and why it would be great to participate in them. We've also covered some of the attributes for a facilitator and why that might work for you.

The next question is how do I get a Link4Growth Online Mentoring Group up and running? There are two sides to this. Are you someone wishing to be part of an OMG or are you someone looking to facilitate an OMG?

Those wishing to be an active participant in an OMG

Ok, so running a business is not easy you know that. Actually there are so many different facets to running a business that no one person can be an expert in them all. We all need the advice and guidance from people who are experts in the things we are not that skilled in... or... we want to build a team of people in the same sector all of whom are collaborating together to achieve much more. This could be considered a small business but where we all are running our own show but collectively we want to work together. Network Marketing is a great example of this.

This is the best bit, you decide who you want in your team. Tell them about the OMG concept and ask if they want to be part of it. Find 5 others who can add value to the group along with you and you have yourself an OMG in the making. Then... contact either Chris Ogle (his profile is down on the right sidebar) or your District Leader / Link4Business Leader and request they find a facilitator for your OMG.

Those wishing to start an OMG as a Facilitator

The other way of getting an OMG off the ground is as a facilitator. If you are well connected it is likely you already know 6 people who could really complement each other and benefit significantly from working together as a team, with peer-2-peer mentoring and group support.

Gather these people around you and offer to provide this service to them. Share this website which will explain how this can transform both people and businesses. Once you get the initial 4 (of the 6) people together you are ready to launch the OMG. 

What happens next?

The next thing is to give the group a name... and then we can get a private G+ Community set up and invite the people in. We will then add the group to this website (along with the team members and facilitator) with links to your G+ profiles. All this is great for raising your profile in Google search too!

N.B. Make sure everyone understands it's a 6 month commitment. This ensures that the relationships in the group are strong,  leading to openness, honesty and trust. Once that begins... the magic happens.