What are OMG's?

An online or offline mentoring group is where a group of like minded business people meet on a regular basis to share knowledge, experience, expertise and connections in a spirit of giving, collaboration and support.

The Link4Growth Online/Offline Mentoring Groups are a little different in that instead of only being able to meet physically at a venue we use technology to enable us the connect virtually over spatial distances. This has a number of benefits

  • Saves time and money on travelling and room hire
  • Helps us in our efforts to reduce our carbon footprint in going about our business
  • Enables us to bring together people we want to work with wherever they are in the country, even internationally
  • Develops our use of technology which will open new opportunities in our own businesses

An OMG consists of 6 people plus a facilitator. OMG's can be initiated with 4 participants but they work best with 6 people. OMG's can have different styles, one might be a broad mix of different skills similar to that of a board in a traditional 20th century business. The other might be a collection of people working together on a project acting as a team, this would work well as an example in the network marketing space.

Each event is held monthly using Google Hangouts or at the selected venue and lasts approximately 3 hours. At each event 3 of the group bring issues that have previously been forwarded and discussed with the facilitator. These issues form the basis of the majority of the event. The format of the event is 2 hours 45 minutes approximately

  1. Introduction 5 mins
  2. Accountability from previous month 20 minutes
  3. Issue 1 - 40 minutes (5 mins problem explanation, 10 minutes questions from the group, 15 minutes solutions round, 10 minutes what is the problem solver going to do and be accountable for)
  4. 5 minute break
  5. Issue 2 - 40 minutes as above
  6. 10 minute break
  7. Issue 3 - 40 minutes as above
  8. Review and close 5 minutes

The second event is then a repeat of the first event but with the second group of three presenting their issues. The sequence then continues in the same way for subsequent events.

Each group is to adopt a name for the OMG, this is then hosted along with the participants (if desired) on this website. A private community moderated by the facilitator is created for the OMG to enable ongoing discussion and networking between events.

The minimum period for participation within an OMG is 6 months. This enables relationships to blossom, openness, honesty, vulnerability and ultimately trust to be put in place which is the basis for any strong business. OMG participation is available to Link4Business members FREE as part of their membership.