Why Join an OMG?

Although today it is probably the easiest it has ever been to start a business it is at the same time probably the most challenging. Years ago there was no internet, no websites, no smart phones, no shopping online, no social media. Today we still have all the regular things to do with running a business plus we have all the online things to deal with too.

These days we just cannot know everything that is required to get a business up and running, we must rely on others, we must collaborate. But with who? ... who can we trust? ... who is going to do the best job for us at a good price in an area where we are quite frankly at their mercy?

Herein lies the beauty behind online mentoring groups. Where we can build those all important strong relationships with people who we can trust to look after us when we are at our most vulnerable... and where we can access their networks of trusted solution providers for our challenges.

Why should you join an Online Mentoring Group (OMG)

  • Learn from other people running businesses (and their mistakes)
  • Share experience and knowledge
  • Fast track through obstacles and challenges
  • Receive fresh out of the box thinking from colleagues
  • Provide your expertise and guidance to others
  • Accountability
  • Ongoing support through a closed G+ community
  • Share connections
  • Build deep relationships and trust
  • Closed environment developing openness, honesty and trust
  • Referrals and ongoing opportunities
  • Working on the business not in the business
  • Affordable and cost effective high quality peer-to-peer mentoring
  • Embracing technology, minimising costs, travel time and more sustainable
  • Have fun with like minded people

What would be your outcomes?

  • Fast, broad analysis and clarity of things holding you back
  • Tap into great business advice and guidance at very affordable rates
  • Clear focus on actions that will drive your business forward 
  • Accountability to ensure you do what you said you would do